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Satan is a minor character in the manga Devilman vs Hades. His story seems to directly follow the same series of events that took place during the original Devilman manga.


Satan was a tall, shining figure. Beautiful and well musculed with long shaggy hair and multiple feathered wings.


Satan used his wings to fly and could emit powerful destructive beams.


Satan never makes a proper appearance within the story, instead making several appearences during flashbacks. When Minister Argos, a servent of the underworld queen Persephone, used his strange powers to look back into the life and history of the wandering figure known as Devilman. As Argos peers through the history he sees Satan as Ryo Asuka several times before seeing a final image of Satan standing tall and shining bright.


  • This version of Satan lacks their signature breasts, or any version of the femininty that is usually seen in most versions of Satan.