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Satan (サタン Satan?) was a character from Devilman Grimoire. Unlike his past incarnations, he is not the leader of the demons and has no ties to Zennon or Psycho Jenny; merely acting as a placeholder threat. In spite of their similar appearances, he also has no ties to the Asuka of this series. Satan plotted to defeat Amon alongside Medoc and Faim.


Satan is identical to his original counterpart, having both breasts and a penis, twelve massive golden wings, brown eyes, and yellow hair with spiked sideburns.

Powers and Abilities[]

Satan could fly using his wings, emit large powerful rays from his hands, and could heal himself after enduring even serious injuries.


He is quite ruthless and diabolical, he even claims to descend from aliens. Unlike his original incarnation he is not in love with Akira Fudo.


Satan is an androgynous demon that descend from alien beings and came to Earth in the Paleozoic era. as he would attack Miki with Medoc and Fulham, but he's destroyed by the attacks of Miki, Amon, and Sirene.



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