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Saylos was a powerful demon and the leader of a small demon army. He only appears in the Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman OVA.


Saylos is a tall and slender demon standing several meters high, he has a color scheme that is mostly blue and white, having a large red cross across his chest. He has red eyes and spiked teeth, he wore a golden hooped earring in his right ear. He has long blue hair hanging down from his head, which he also used for combat. He also had a long thin, tail and large black talons on his feet and fingers with large black spikes on his shoulders, arms and at the end of his tail.


His tall, slender frame gave him an advantage over some of his foes helped by his lightning fast agility, he was also a good hand-to-hand fighter. He could fly at high speed without wings. He could use his hair like tentacles which could burrow into his enemy's flesh. His main form of attack was to fire blue lasers from his hands that could slice through nearly anything, he dubbed these the Psycho Cutters.


Saylos is first seen slaughtering a few members of the Devilman Corps alongside his army. Not long after he and his army follow the young girl Yumi back to where Akira Fudo had been staying. Saylos and the other demons crash through the roof and surround Akira, Yumi and a girl named Mico. Saylos says that he will let the girls live if Akira were to join his army, however Akira who had recently found the dead body of his girlfriend Miki Makimura succumbs to the demon he had originally merged with named Amon and the building is destroyed.

As the mist from the rubble clears, Amon finds and kills Yumi. As Saylos and his demons realize that Amon had regained control the demons all rush out to try and kill Amon, unfortunately for them Amon was able to kill most of them in mere minutes, the last two demons flee back to Saylos, however he kills them in cowardliness. Amon comes over and the two start two fight across the city, Saylos cuts through several buildings with his Psycho Cutters, Amon however throws a train at Saylos knocking him through a building and onto the ground, they continue to battle on the ground, however Amon snaps his wrists jumps up and punches him through the stomach killing him.


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