Schultz was a demon from Shin Devilman, he merged with a rich German Baron and was largely responsible for the events of World War 2.


Schultz resembled a massive serpent covered entirely in flames, the man he merged with was a fat big lipped man with a short beard, and wore expensive clothing with a monocle on his right eye.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Schultz human disguise.

Schultz could instantly set himself and other objects on fire. He could also instantly swap between his human and demon disguise.


Schultz was a demon lurking around Germany in the early 1910's he had fallen in love with a girl named Stephanie who's husband had died in a war. He kept her in his home and brought a painting of Stephanie from a young man named Adolf who also loved the girl. However after Adolf realized he had been paid too much, he runs over to Schultz's home to return the excess money however he arrives to see Schultz cutting the painting in two, telling her that she was his forever and grabbing her. Adolf bursts in and demands he let her go however Schultz simply sets her alight in front of his eyes and mocks him. He also tells him he should never let go of his hate. However, Akira Fudo who had been observing from the distance comes crashing through and after a short battle, he rips Schultz in half.

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