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Sheena was a major member of Amon: The Darkside of Devilman. She was a member of the Sirene Tribe and was the head of the warriors.


Like all of the Sirene, Sheena had the body of a beautiful woman, with large bird talons replacing the hands and feet and large bird wings atop the head. Sheena like most of her tribe had black feathers and unique to her was a large scar across her right eye.


Sheena is a proud warrior, believing her tribe to be above most of the other demons. As such she did not take well to outsiders or members who were different including the then human Amon and the white Sirene. However, after losing her wings and her tribe wiped out, Sheena felt disheartened wanting to regain her flight capabilities by any means, something that eventually cost her life in the process.

Powers and Abilities[]

Sheena like all the Sirene could fly with her wings at great speeds. However when her wings were torn from her body by a swarm of Tyrannosaurus Rex she was left with only her agility and claws, which were still a force to be recognized.


Sheena was present after a hunt while welcoming newborns into their tribes. However she found a regular human among their ranks and despite insisting to kill the infant, Mother prevented it and decided to follow through with the order. With reluctance, Sheena had seen the child become stronger and provide for the tribe. However, one day the boy found the white Sirene while reconstituting her body. Sheena was obviously not pleased but was called away when Tyrannosaurs attacked. After a long body, Sheena had lost her comrades as well as her wings. Depressed, she came back to her home only to find Mother's skeleton in Mother's place.

Sheena eventually heard about Satan gathering people as well as the white Sirene going by the tribe's title. Irritated, Sheena eventually finds her with her companions being the boy the tribe they took in as well as Kaim. Sheena heard from Kaim about the legend of Deathless Amon and strove to achieve his power. After getting to the area of Amon, Sheena tried to press on but was overwhelmed. The boy she met comforted her by making her believe that she regained her wings and more but as she died the boy closed her eyes before pressing on to become Amon.