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The ever cheery Sirene-Chan is the main protagonist of the short comedy manga of the same name. She's a strange young girl and the weirdest thing in Akira Fudo's neighbourhood in a long time.


Sirene-Chan had the appearance of a normal Japanese girl, with the addition of giant bird claws on her feet and hands, and a set of antenna and large bird wings either side of her head.



She is able to fly and could fire her arms from her limbs like rockets.


She is first seen being awakened by her alarm clock and responds to this by throwing her boomerang arm at it knocking it off the table.

Later she is seen walking to school when she meets up with Akira Fudo, she suddenly then starts to flash off her body to the embarrassed Akira.

Later when in the lunch hall she comes up to Akira and jumps onto the table and lays an egg, which she then breaks open and eats the yolk much to the confusion of Akira and the other students.