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Sirene-Chan is a short four page ecchi comedy manga that follows the eponymous lead, Sirene-chan.


It starts with Sirene-chan's alarm clock going off in the morning, she responds by knocking it off her table using her launching arms. A little while later she is seen dressed in her schoolgirl outfit on the way to her new school when she meets up with Akira Fudo, who is going to sit next to her, she then flashes him as a greeting, Akira then asks why she’s going commando, she explaines that she can’t wear panties because her tail feathers get in the way. Later during lunch Sirene-chan hops onto the table and lays an egg and then starts to eat it in front of a very confused Akira, Sirene explains that she lays an unfertilized egg every day and eats it for lunch, she propositions Akira by telling him she could also lay fertilized eggs.



  1. Greetings
  2. Sirene-Chan, During the Lesson
  3. Sirene-Chan, Returning from the School
  4. Sirene-Chan Invites