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"Say your name!"
―Sirene to Akira Fudo.[src]

Sirene is a supporting antagonist in Devilman Crybaby. A demon with features resembling a bird of prey, Sirene was the lover of the demon hero Amon centuries before his possession of Akira Fudo. Under Zennon's rule and partnered with Kaim, Sirene hoped to reawaken Amon once more.


"I was lonely, Amon. I waited so long for you to come to the human realm."
―Sirene to Akira Fudo.[src]

Many centuries before Amon took possession of Akira's body, Sirene was the demon warrior's consort. Whether theirs was a monogamous relationship or one of casual attraction was never touched upon. What is revealed is that Sirene lusted for Amon; waiting centuries for his rebirth.


"Sirene. Even covered in blood... you are the vision of beauty."
―Kaim's last words to Sirene.[src]

Sirene is a humanoid demon, she has large bird claws in place of feet and hands and a massive pair of white feathered wings on her head. Two antenna sprout from her forehead and several tail feathers from her behind.

In her human form, Sirene is a voluptuous young woman with long platinum-blonde hair, thin eyebrows, piercing blue eyes, and distinct blue lips. Her clothing consists of a white dress that shows her cleavage as well as white heels.


"I'll suck up just his penis."
―Sirene to Kaim regarding Amon.[src]

Sirene was a lewd demonness; always using sexual innuendos to convey her desires. Her urges were so inhuman that she admitted that, should she fail to bring Amon's memories back, she would eat his genitals. She was seen to masturbate chronically and appeared in perpetual arousal.

Although she adored Amon above all and looked down on all other suitors as unworthy, when Kaim gave his life for her, she was genuinely heartbroken and merged with him in order to kill their common enemy. This shows that, despite her conceit, she did grow some affection for Kaim.


Sirene possessed the standard strengths of a demon; the ability to fight with great speed and vigor as well as survive wounds that would instantly kill or cripple any human. Like all demons, she could merge with other lifeforms to become stronger, as she did with her driver Kaim.

Prior to his possession of Akira, Sirene and Amon may have shared some form of imprinting. This was shown when, after being sexually aroused by seeing Miki's naked body through her clothes, Akira went into a kind of lust-rage and even dreamed of Sirene in her human form. Silene shared these urges, going violently into heat.


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  • Silene's voice actress,[Atsuko Tanaka, also previously voiced her in the Devilman adaptation for the original PlayStation (PSX).