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Sirene in the 1972 Devilman anime.

Sirene is a demon and one of the primary villains of the Devilman franchise. Most versions of the character have a history with the demon that fused with Akira Fudo and seeks to destroy him to get vengeance. Since her first appearance, Sirene has become one of the most iconic characters in the Devilman franchise, and has been featured in nearly every Devilman series to date, even starring in several spin-off manga.


  • Sirene (Manga): A beautiful demoness warrior who attempts to Kill Akira Fudo after he stole Amon from her. 
  • Sirene (Shin Violence Jack): She sided with the demons at some point in the past, but defected to the side of humanity and merged with a human named Killer Sara, spending years without revealing her true identity. After Violence Jack arrives, she teams up with him in his quest to stop the Skull King.
  • Sirene (Grimoire): A past acquaintance of Amon. She is the main antagonist of the first arc of the series.
  • Sirene (Saint FIghter): A soldier in Demon King Zennon's army, and former ally of Amon.
  • Sirene (Devilman vs Hades): One of the many demons encountered by Akira.
  • Sirene (Amon): The last of the Sirene Tribe, one of the main characters during the Cretacious era segments.
    • Sirene II: The daughter of the first, she would grow into a character similar to the original Sirene.
  • Sirene (Devilman vs Getter Robo): The leader of a great demon army, she sides with theDinosaur Empire in attempt to kill their respective enemies.
  • Sirene (Hiruta): The first demon sent by Zennon into battle.
  • Sirene (Gekiman): Follows the same as the origonal only with notes on her creation.
  • Sirene (Dynamic Heroes): A demoness that attacks Devilman twice, the second time as a cyborg.
  • Sirene-Chan (Character): The main protagonist of the short story of the same name.
  • Sirene (Devilman Saga): A demoness who leads in the fight against God. She managed to take control of Tsubasa and went on a rampage until seeing Yuki's likeness to Amon.
  • Sirene (Sirene: Tanjo Hen): Sirene: Tanjo Hen (シレーヌ誕生編, literally "Sirene: The Birth Chapter") is a manga one-shot by Go Nagai. It features Sirene merging with a human. It was published in Go-Chan Magazine (豪ちゃんマガジン), a 40 year anniversary edition of Kodansha's Afternoon magazine.


  • Sirene (CB Chara): A chibified version of the original manga incarnation. At first she wanted to kill Akira Fudo for choosing Miki over her, but after regaining her senses she becomes an item with Kaim.
  • Sirene (Crybaby): Amon's past lover, she hunts for his new host alongside Kaim.
  • Sirene (Mazinger Z vs Devilman): She is accidentally reawakened by Koji Kabuto and becomes part of Dr. Hell's army.
  • Sirene (OVA): Similar to the manga, Sirene attempts to take revenge for her love.
  • Sirene (TV): No longer a past lover and now just a member of the Demon Tribe sent to try and defeat Devilman.