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Sirene is a major antagonist in the first part of Devilman Grimoire. She got the title as the Demon Leader who defeated Zann. Her servants were Aleda, Illuge, Wagreb, Agwel, and Ghelmer.


Sirene in her original form, looked similar to her Manga counterpart, with white feathers and skin. But after merging with Tsubasa, she gains a appearance closer to her TV counterpart, with light blue skin and dark blue feathers.


Although defeated by Amon at one point, she took over Tsubasa's body using the power of Agwell and revived. After that, she takes advantage of Miki's younger sister, who is in the position of Tsubasa, to act together with them, and while helping Amon fight in the shadow, he continues to aim for revenge opportunities.

However, while acting as Tsubasa, she began to enjoy her life as a human being. Although she despises Todaiji Nyuro for being powerless, she becomes attracted to his strong will and becomes a half-lover-like relationship by giving him a lunch box and having a date.

Taking advantage of Wilfre's betrayal, she revealed her true nature and returned to the demon side as a member of the Demon Tribe. She defeats Amon, who has attacked her, and also greets the Devilman Corps, but is fatally injured by Todaiji, which Tsubasa does not know herself. She praised Todaiji for his survival, responded to her regrets, and chose to merge and live together.