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Sirene was a agent of the Demon Tribe, initially she was sent as back up to Devilman, but after learning of his failure she attempted to kill his human host Akira Fudo.


Sirene is a humanoid demoness, she has large feathered wings aside her head and large eyes with two short antenna on her forehead. She has small hair curls either side of her head. Replacing her hands and feet are large bird claws, along her chest are more feathers, with a large birds plume at the back and a small tuft of feathers covering over her large breasts.


Sirene can fly at will and change her size. She uses her claws for close combat and can also emit a swarm of deadly butterflies at her opponents. 


Sirene was a proud demon warrior, she saw Akira Fudo as a abomination for what he did to Devilman, but considered Miki Makimura pretty (For a human).


Sirene was summoned by the demon lord Zennon to give aid to Devilman as he conquered humanity. She travelled to Japan where she kidnapped the young human girl Miki Makimura, hoping to use the girl as her host body.

Akira Fudo chases the pair and confronts Sirene, who is initially confused at his disgust, but quickly turns to fury when she realises that Devilman had been subdued by the young human boy. 

Putting Miki down, Sirene grows to a colossal size and prepares for combat against Devilman, unleashing her deadly swarm of butterflies to attack him, they prove ineffectual however and Akira easily swats them away before he locates Sirene. Then using the Devil Beam he fires at her and sets the avian demoness alight, she burns quickly and her ashes blow away with the wind.