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Sirene, also known by her human host's name Killer Sara, is a demoness who appears in Shin Violence Jack. Unlike the character's previous versions, this version of Sirene is heroic, having attempted to merge with the human Sara but was calmed by the heroic young woman's pure heart.


At some point before the events of Shin Violence Jack, Sirene attempted to merge with Sara, but Sara's heart won out, resulting in Sirene's attempted merger turning Sara into a Devilman. Despite the magnitude of the event, it appeared to leave Sara with amnesia, as she had no knowledge of the incident.

Sara opted to protect the people of Tokyo, who were residing on hundreds of islands after the city became flooded. When the Marvel Pirates attacked a camp on one of these islands, Sara bore witness to Violence Jack, the reborn alter ego of Amon, emerging from the sea, and fought alongside him against the pirates and proved to be quite an efficient fighter, using her Katana to great effect. The survivors of the battle fled back to their boat, and Sara chose to side with Jack after the Skull King, the leader of the Pirates, attempted to fight Jack and lost. Jack, accompanied by Sara and a young boy named Ushio, set off from the camp for the wreckage of central Tokyo.

Arriving in the desolate streets of the former city, the trio found that the largest island was simply 'Hell', in Jack's words, being ruled by the Skull King's iron fist and his will being enforced by demons that had possessed the New Shu Army, which brutally forced the citizens there to live under their reign. As the trio entered the Skull King's castle, Sara found herself cut off from the others as a result of the fortress's space-time shifting powers, and was accosted by a group of demon soldiers. Several of the soldiers attempted to sexually assault Sara, which drove her into a rage and resulted in her involuntarily transforming back into Sirene, clearing her amnesia as well. Enraged at the demon's attack on her person, Sirene brutally killed any of them she could get her talons on.

When the violence died down, Sirene reverted back to Sara, the strain of this state resulting in Sara being visually fatigued afterwards.

After Jack and the Skull King fought in a climactic battle, Sara chose to remain by Jack's side after the Skull King (who realised that he was in fact Akira) managed to escape.