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The Sirene Tribe Midwife was a unnamed member of the Sirene Tribe who assisted in helping the births of Sirene young.


She resembled her other sisters, with black feathered wings on the sides of he head, a humanoid female body with large breasts and large claws in place on her hands and feet. She also wore a beaded necklace, distinguishing her from others as a midwife.

Powers and Abilities[]

She could fly using her wings and use the claws on her hands and feet for combat. 


The Midwife had a very calm personality and seemed to greatly value life, often coming into one sided conflict with the more militant Sheena.


As a group of Tyranosaurus Rex attack the Midwife finds a strange human baby alongside several Sirene eggs. Sheena, distraught after the Tyrannosaur attack, tries to kill it but the midwife stops her from doing so. She says they should consult Mother on what to do before taking any action. 

Mother gives the child her blessing, much to Sheena's protest, and the Midwife watches over the young child as it grows over the years. Sadly however, the Midwife was killed alongside the rest of her sisters when their nest was ravaged by a pack of Tyrannosaur, leaving the human child, Sheena and another stange new birth as the only survivors.