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Sister Jill was the second in command of the international crime syndiacte known as Panther Claw. Jill led Panther Zora's Witch Soldiers and came in to battle against the android heroine Cutie Honey.


Jill was a beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair. She wore a skin tight red jumpsuit, with a prominent cut on its chest showing of a good deal of cleavage. She wears a large purple head-dress with exaggerated spiked tips.


Sister Jill worked directly under Panther Zora, the matriarch of Panther Claw and committed a great deal of heinous crimes in her name. Frequently Jill would come into conflict with Cutie Honey and android super heroine.

Jill is briefly seen silhouetted as Lan Asuka explained the origins of Panther Claw to her partner Jun Fudo.