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The enigmatic Sosuke Oshiba was a talented swordsman and high ranking soldier of the Apostles. He grew up close with Ryo Utsugi and attended the same school, despite this Oshiba showed strong sadistic tendencies. He was a supporting character in the manga 'Demon Lord Dante'.


Oshiba was a tall fellow, with wild dark hair and sideburns. He had wild eye brows and his right eye was held in a constant squint after some kind of injury.


Oshiba had a very calm and collected demeanor, which hid a sadistic side to his character. He was rightfully confident in his skill with a sword, and had a distaste for more modern weaponry such as guns. He was seemingly friendly with Ryo Utsugi, though it's hard to say if they were friends.


Oshiba was a incredibly talented swordsman.



  • The one-eyed swordsman is a character archetype that dates back to the 1600's, likely influenced by Date Masamune, a ruler during the Edo period of Japan notable for his missing eye.