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Stephanie was a minor character from the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman', she was a beautiful young girl who's husband died at war.


Stephanie was a beautiful German girl in her late teens, she had long curled hair and brown eyes.


Stephanie was married to a German solider who died in a war, after this she was kidnapped by the demon Ardnas, who disguised himself as the wealthy land baron Schultz who had fallen possessively in love with her.

Later on, Ardnas discovered that Stephanie had another former lover named Adolf, whom she had courted before her first marriage, and that Adolf still pined for her, having recently finished a portrait of her. Ardnas bought the picture from the reluctant Adolf and his manager, Harnisch, however after giving Adolf too much for it he runs back to return the excess pay, being the honest young man that he was.

However once returned to Schultz's manor, he finds Ardnas destroying the painting with Stephanie crying in the corner, Ardnas grabs her just as Adolf bursts in, seeing this the demon transformed into his true form, a colossal burning serpent, and unintentionally engulfs Stephanie in his flames as he did so.