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Suganuma (菅沼 Suganuma?) was the manager of Nami Kayama and a minor character in the Devilman Lady manga series.


She was a well educated and youthful Japanese woman, with short dark hair which was parted in the middle.


She is seen sitting next to Nami, reading about ancient Greek myths. Nami asks about one in particular which Suganuma calls a Siren, a creature that was either a mix of a woman and fish or a woman and bird. She goes on to say that the fish version was far more well known than the bird version was, but says she remembers seeing the bird variant in an old anime series she watched as a kid, the character being Sirene the anime being Devilman. Moments later Nami's mother bursts in and starts to shout at the two, saying that Nami should have prepared for her forthcoming performance long ago, Suganuma apologies and leaves while Nami gets ready for her performance.