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Sumi (スミ Sumi?) was a minor character in Devilman Crybaby. She was at a Sabbath Party, where she became a host to the demon Welvath.


Sumi was a small girl around late teens or early twenties in age. Her blonde hair is styled in a short bob cut and she has a constant smile on her face. She has multiple piercings on both ears, including a pair of earrings with the right being star-shaped and the left being moon-shaped. What little clothing she wore was limited to a large blue bow atop her head and frilled red panties. She also sported heeled shoes.


She was very perky and flirtatious. when the clumsy and hapless Akira Fudo walked in with Ryo, she found him "cute" and teased him.


Sumi was seen only briefly at the Sabbath Party, handing out various drugs to the party goers. When Ryo Asuka and a timid Akira Fudo arrive she teases him before popping two pills into her mouth, before kissing Akira and pushing them down his throat. She giggles at the bewildered boy and walks off. Not long after when the two boys are being attacked by the mob, Akira falls onto the girl, grabbing her chest. She giggles and teases him by asking if he wants to touch her breasts before warning him about an incoming swing from a bat about to hit him. Akira's falls to the ground and Sumi laughs again, only for the contents of her bladder to suddenly empty onto the floor and her promptly vomitting afterwards. She then begins to scream and violently convulse in pain as the spirit of the demon Welvath possesses her, grotesquely distorting the girl's human body to match her own. Her and Welvath's fate remains unknown but it is likely that Sumi was killed in the following chaos.


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