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The Super Gun is a sci-fi weapon from the Cyborg 009 franchise and the main sidearm of the 00 Cyborg team. It is designed to handle many combat situations by having interchangeable settings built-in that are controlled by (depending on which incarnation it is) a dial or a series of buttons on the side of the firearm. In Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman, the gun has features unique to the film such as replacable cylindrical ammo clips for the different energy attack settings and a pair of the guns can interlock together to become an high powered energy rifle.

Weapon Settings[]

  • Beam: A laser blast. The weapon's default mode
  • Energy Magnum: Fires charged up blasts of energy that deliver heavier damage capable of penetrating rock and denting solid steel. Used to take out armored targets.
  • Needle: A rapid shot that fires energy construct needles that can pierce objects. Useful for taking out squads quickly or disabling tanks.
  • Knockout Ray: Releases a purple wave of energy that puts enemies to sleep.


  • Due to its simplistic design, Shotaro Ishinomori would sometimes re-use this weapon's sketch design for his other manga works to save time and meet deadlines.
  • The Super Gun is often compared to the Phaser from Star Trek, as both are energy weapons with interchangeable settings, despite the former existing 3 years before Star Trek even premiered for the first time on TV. Ironically, when the 2001 series first showcased the Knockout Ray in an episode, it used the Phaser sound effect from the original show.