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Takeshi's Girlfriend was a minor character in theNeo Devilman StoryDamnned.


The young woman appeared to be in her late teens, she had long blonde hair, a slightly voluptuous body, and wore a t-shirt, a short frilly dress skirt, knee length socks and some large boots.


The girl seemed to have an average mild mannered person who just lived a regular life. When her boyfriend had turned into a monster, her panic displayed a knowledge of spiritual protectors out of desperation.


She was seen being menaced by the foul demonFunaki after he had possessed her boyfriend Takeshi and called her out. He transforms into his demon form and announces himself to her and says that he planned to eat her. She starts to pray to various protectors and gods before wishing for her spirit animal. Coincidentally at the same exact time, Seiryuu forms up in the sky, the girl believes it to be her protector and Funaki mistakes it for God. However it turns out to be neither; rather it is part of the demon hero Damudo. Funaki turns back to his victim only for the ground to start shaking and for Byakko to come out of the ground and also announce himself as Damudo. He asks Funaki if he had seen Amon; and as the two talkl the girl escapes.