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Takeshi Maki is a Devil-Beast and supporting character in the anime known as Devil Lady. His design is based on Akira Fudo's design from the original anime as well as the manga.


Takeshi is a young man with an athletic build, standing taller than most people his age. He has messy brown hair with sideburns that is combed forward. He has glaring eyes that have a detailed line on the bottom. He is mainly clothed in a red t-shirt with yellow outlines and a yellow A on his chest (in the 1972 series, Akira Fudo wears a yellow shirt with red outlines and a red A on his chest), blue jeans, and sneakers.

In his Devil Beast form he resembles Devilman's manga design while incorporating elements from the anime. His skin becomes blue; his legs, forearms, and sides of his head are covered in black fur; he has yellow eyes with red lines going down from the eyelids; and a widow's peak.


Takeshi has a strong sense of justice believing that no one should be mistreated by what they look like or what they are. It is an ideal he is willing to fight for and put his life on the line for. However, when it comes to relationships he tends to shy away from them, including admitting his feelings for Chiyoko.

Abilities and Powers[]

Takeshi is capable of hand to hand combat even in his regular human form, shown when he fought against armed soldiers. In his Devil Beast form, he gains heightened physical skills as well as the ability to shoot electricity at opponents. However, in comparison to more powerful Devil Beasts, including Lady he is far less powerful. Unlike other Devil Beasts, he also has the ability to keep his clothing after a transformation.


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  • Because he is based on Akira Fudo, he is treated as another interpretation of the character.