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Tako (ターコ Taako?) is a supporting character in Devilman Crybaby. He is the family pet cat of Makimura family, who was later would transform into devilcat and later becomes Akira Fudo's aide.


Tako was a usual black cat with feline green eyes. however In his Devilcat form, his eyes and ears grow larger, and his neck lengthens. as He also grows two medium sized bat-like wings, and a glowing orb on the end of his tail.


Tako can fly, as well as use his lightbulb at the end of his tail to create a powerful flash of light that can easily disintegrate everyone around him. he also worth to note that Tako has a ability to talk in telepathically.



Tako is mostly seen cleaning his plate, devouring his food or walking around Makimura's household. It seems like, as an animal, Tako also sensed Akira's devil nature.

when Tako is "killed" by crazed mob during their assault at the Makimura's household but he was later quickly resurrected and transforms into Devilcat form, killing the crazed mob around him while using his flash of light attack. soon After that, he is seen gathering around with other Devilmen for Akira for the final battle with Satan. however During the final battle against Satan, he attempts to attack the fallen angel directly but was finally killed off, this time by Satan's telepathic slash.


  • as Tako takes the place of Massami Izumi A.K.A Devilman Puffurle from the manga series, and even shares her knowledge of Christianity.