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Taro Makimura (牧村太郎 Makimura Tarō?) is a supporting character in Devilman Crybaby. He is the younger brother of Miki Makimura.


Taro has short, spiky black hair and wears a backwards baseball cap. He had large brown eyes.

After becoming possessed by a demon, the inside of his mouth turns yellow and he gains a dark eyeliner around his eyes. As the demon would take control of him, the upper half of his body transforms into a yellow demon with a large mouth with a single eye.


Taro was cheerful, curious, and was quite mischievous. Despite having religious parents, he is shown to be interested in bad subjects such as dirty pornography, bad drugs, and even demons.

After being possessed, he gains an uncontrollable urge of hunger. This demonic nature never seems to overcome him fully, as he would apologize profusely to his mother after first acting on his hunger urge and would cry at the sight of his devastated father.


Taro is shown in the Makimura household, as his presence was portrayed as lighthearted and energetic. while no one was at house, as he would look up dirty pornography and would listen to the Devilman theme song under Akira's username on the living room computer. as He engages in cheerful mood at the dinner table with his family along with Akira and his older sister.

as Ryo Asuka reveals the truth about the demons to the world, Taro would view the subject with quite delight and fascination. This marks a turning point; in the following episode his appearance has changes greatly, indicating that he has already been possessed from the start.

Later on, when his mother takes him to the store, he begins to drool of a sudden at the sight of a dog. as Taro would disappear along with the dog and is found by his mother, his mouth and hands were completely covered in blood in front of the dog's remains, while he had eaten it off-screen. as his mother takes him to local church as this would urge him to restrain his hunger, but he later would succumb would begin to eating her off-screen. As this occurs, he is later found by his father who would shed a tear silently as his father tries to bring himself to shoot him. However, A firing squad would appear before Noel would beg not shoot at his son but they would ignore and open fire on both Noel and Taro who were shot to death. Meanwhile, Akira would quickly flies in his Devilman form yelling stop at the open fire before taking away the family's body remains away to bury them.



  • Tare was renamed as Taro and is given a different death from the original Devilman manga series.
  • The recurring gag of wetting himself hence why he was nicknamed "Tare" in the original is omitted completely in this incarnation.

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