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Tenku no Inu (天空之狗, literally Dog of the Sky) is a 2004 manga series written and illustrated by Go Nagai, it references both Devilman and Devilman Lady several times.


The story follows the descendants of the Tengu, an ancient alien race the arrived on earth during the Edo period. Many of these Tengu have strange abilities such as invisibility, time travel, or super strength. The descendants of the Tengu in Japan have set up Haven Inc. a corporation set up to hunt down any possible supernatural threats.

Connections to Devilman[]

  • Rei Haguro a character from the manga Tenku no Inu, was the basis for Rei Haguro/Devilman Despereaux from Devilman Grimoire.
    • He later reveals his real name as Ryo Satan, the leader of the Tenku no Hebi, taken from Ryo Asuka and his true form Satan.
  • Aoi Katsuragi is identical in appearance toJun Fudo, and the name is a reference to Aoi Kurosaki, this reference is expanded upon when it is shown she can turn from man to woman at will.
  • One of the major characters of Tenku no Inu is called Akira Amon and has an alternate werewolf form similar in appearance to Devilman.
  • Some minor villains show up named Midori Sirene and Takeshi Kaim, as well as the Tenku no Hebi spy Kameo Jinmen named after some of the major demons from the Devilman franchise.