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Texsch is among the marauding demons seen in the underground Sabbath Party.


Texsch has a radically different design to her usual look, standing like a colossal figure, now nearly devoid of any human-like qualities. Across her body lies three large red eyes. She has a mass of tentacles across her body with two small ones on her head and a massive pair sprouting off of her breasts. Her only discernible facial feature is a small yellow mouth.


Texsch is seen being able to rip people in two with the large tentacles on her chest.


Texsch is seen only briefly during the underground Black Sabbath. After Ryo Asuka had managed to summon a menagerie of demons into the abandoned church, they began to slaughter the party goers. Texsch is seen encircling a man in her tentacles before tearing off his head with ease.

She is killed off-screen after Akira Fudo had become Devilman and killed the invading devils.