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Texsch was a large female squid-like demon, that served as a antagonist in the animated film, 'Devilman: The Birth' and returns for a small cameo in the sequel film, 'Devilman: The Demon Bird'.


Texsch was several feet tall, she had dim purple skin and tentacles all across her body, replacing her legs, hair and arms. She had a set of large white jagged teeth, and glassy white eyes, she also had a large red eye on her crotch and two others on her knees.


Texsch had no known psychic or projectile attacks, instead relying her her sheer brute force and strength, she could pull herself along with her tentacles and was able to brush of bullet wounds with relative ease.


Devilman: The Birth:[]

As Akira and Ryo are about to drive back to the Makimura Residence an ear shattering scream from the she demon Illuge blisters through the air, smashing the windows. Moments after Texsch comes crashing through the ceiling just ahead of the duo and starts to chase them, using her tentacles to spring her from place to place. Akira and Ryo make it to Ryo's car, which unknown to them had been latched onto by a smaller demon, and as they turn on the engine's Texsch comes smashing through the front door and latches onto the cars roof with her tentacles. Ryo starts to drive quickly before suddenly pushing on the breaks sending Texsch flying ahead of the car, Ryo then runs her over, however whilst speeding away, Akira notices Texsch get back up.

Devilman: The Demon Bird:[]

Part way through the second film, Akira is seen having a nightmare where he was on a beach where he sees an iceberg slowly drifting towards it. Inside he finds Texsch, the Spider Demon Gardalza, and the recently killed Jinmen all frozen in ice. It turns out that the dream was that of Amon, the demon that Akira took over.