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Thanatos was a ferryman of the dead who gathered the souls of the deceased and delivered them to his queen Persephone.


A gaunt and semi-skeletal figure covered in bandages. He's dressed in a drab cloak that swallowed his body. His scythe had barbed spikes running along it.


Thanatos could en-capsule the souls of the lost and take them into the afterlife. He was also armed with a large scythe, which he could use for close combat.

History []

Thanatos was in the process of taking the last of the human souls to Empress Persephone, with the race now long wiped out. As he travelled across the land of Hades, he was approached by a strange figure who demands the return of Miki Makimura's soul. Thanatos angers at the threat and readies his scythe, shouting at the figure, who suddenly transforms, revealing himself to be the half-demon, half-man Devilman. Thanatos is then slain in a brief fight and his corpse is discovered by Charon