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The Abashiri Family was a manga by Go Nagai that ran from 1969 to 1973. It was one of Nagai's earliest big hits as a writer, which would later be increased upon with the creation of Devilman, Mazinger and others. The series would go on to inspire a lot of elements to the Cutie Honey series, with several characters from 'The Abashiri Family' even making an appearance in major roles, albeit under different names. A lot of themes in the manga came from Nagai's frustration at censorship, and the controversy around an earlier manga of his 'Harenchi Gakuen'.


The Abashiri Family followed the adventures of a family of former criminals trying to go straight in life. Headed by Daemon Abashiri and his children Kikunosuke, Goemon, Naojiro and Kichiza, their adventures featured elements of comedy, crime and frequent eroticism. The stories had them go against Biker Gangs, evil teachers organisations, yokai and even the demons from Devilman.

Connections to Devilman[]

Towards the end of the series there are two strong connections to Devilman. Firstly, in a chapter about sukeban style schoolgirls, Gusuko and the other girls of the Ostrich Gang appear as servants to a one-eyed delinquent. Ultimately the trio once again receive a gruesome and bloody death.

Shortly after chapter had the family go up against many demons from Devilman, specifically those seen in the anime series, rather than the manga. Devilman himself also appeared, though here he was something more of a hapless looser that put on a brave face. Many of the demons retained the designs that went unused or were altered for the release of the anime, this included Jacon, Lyamon, Daruni, Himmler and Meg. Strangely, one of the demons, a thin creature with a bulbous head named Dappe, never made it into the actual anime, and was among a set of five that were design but went unnused. The demons included were;