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The Beautiful Goddess of War, Nike of Samothrace is the third chapter of the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


After being washed ashore the beaches of Samothrace, Akira and Ryo find themselves taken prisoner by the local soldiers, strangely armed with bazookas, machine guns and other modern pieces of weaponry. As the ponder the reason, the sky begins to glow brightly and a beautiful angelic figure descends from the clouds above. The citizens cheer as the figure is introduced as Nike, who has become a goddess for the people of Samothrace, blessing them with weapons to go out and cause chaos. The two realise that Nike is the demon they came for and Akira breaks free of the chains around his wrists as he sprouts wings and leaps at Nike.

She flees and Akira gives chase across the sea, behind them Ryo teleports. Akira catches up to Nike as he finishes transforming, causing Nike to pause and smile just as a bolt of energy from Akira tears of her arm. Falling to the ground below, Nike tries to reawaken Amon, urging him to remember their past as lovers together. She starts to succeed, and was close at reuniting with her lover before Ryo appears behind her, wielding a sword and beheads her. Nike's body petrifies and is discovered years later, mistaken for a statue.