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The Bewitching Witch of Versailles is the fourth chapter of the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman'.


Immediately after their Samothrace adventure, Akira and Ryo find themselves swimming through the timeslip yet again, overwhelmed by the scent of blood. Shortly after they awake in 16th Century Paris. Around them they see the strife building among the poor and resentful, as the rich live it up in luxury and they asses that the situation was about to explode.

Suddenly, Ryo finds a demons scent and trace it to the Palace of Versallies. They sneak inside and realise that the demon was hiding within the French Queen Marie Antoinette. They follow her too her room and watch as she begins talking with the demon hiding within, Poirsenus. The devil gloats as it describes the control its had over her life and Ryo deduces that Poirsenus was hiding within her heart. The duo psychically jump into Antoinette's heart and see a sea of her memories with Poirsenus hiding in the centre, Akira transforms and quickly tears the demon from her heart and tears off his head, but not before Marie is captured, humiliated and executed.