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The Demon Tribe Revived was the first episode of the 1972 Devilman anime series, featuring the first appearance of Devilman, Zennon, Henge, Miki Makimura and her family.




  • The general structure of the episode is strongly reminiscent of the then recent Go Nagai manga 'Demon Lord Dante', with the male leads of both travelling to the Himalayas, only to encounter a demonic other half waiting for them just beneath the ice.
    • Zennon's ghostly visage is strongly reminiscent of Dante himself.
    • In the opening shot of the episode, numerous minor demons from 'Demon Lord Dante' appear, including Blemshat, Polpclame, Achelanera and many others appear.
      • Blemshat's design is later repurposed several episodes later for the demon Gondoroma.
      • A green skinned demon with a skull-like face appears in several background and montage shots throughout the series.
      • Towards the end of the episode, the shapeshifting demon Henge takes the form of a demon identical to Linghorne while flying.
  • Many of the staff from Nakado Academy are modeled on stock characters from older Go Nagai works, including Alphonse, Sehiko, Pochi and Milk.
  • Sirene appears in the preview for the next episode, only having white feathers and orange skin.