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The Demon of Little Bighorn is the fifth chapter of the interquel manga 'Shin Devilman. The duo find themselves in late 1800's America, shortly before the Battle of Little Bighorn.


Now lost in the late 1800's in America, Ryo and Akira are made welcome by the Cheyenne Tribe, and over the space of several weeks they become close with the tribe's chief Crazy Horse and his young sister, Tiana, the latter of whom develops a one sided crush on Ryo, which Akira teases him about. Ryo blushes.

Meanwhile, Colonel Custer leads the 7th Calvary across the desert. Akira and Ryo go off hunting, whilst Crazy Horse gathers his men to meet with Sitting Bull of the Sioux Tribe, to discuss a parlay against the U.S. Soldiers. With the Cheyenne village mostly unguarded, Custer seizes his chance and raises hell among the peoples, killing, raping and pillaging his way through.

Meanwhile, Akira and Ryo lie in wonder as to their reason of being there, curious as to why no demon had popped up. Piecing together hazy historical memories, Akira suddenly realizes that today was the day Custer would attack the Cheyenne, and the two race back to the village. They proove to be too late however, and find the remains set ablaze. Among the carnage, they are horrified to find Tiana, pinned to the ground with two swords through her shoulders, having been raped and strangled to death. It is then that Ryo catches a scent and realizes that the 7th Cavalry is being manipulated by demons. Akira transforms and confronts the Cavalry, killing them all.

The next morning the bodies of the soldiers are found by the Sioux and Cheyenne warriors, Akira and Ryo nowhere to be seen.



  • In reality, Chief Crazy Horse had several siblings, though none of them were named Tiana.