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Dolphin in the sea

The Dolphin surfacing in the sea

The Dolphin is a submersible aircraft vehicle from the Cyborg 009 franchise. In most incarnations, it was created by Dr. Gilmore and Cyborg 001 to act as the mobile command base of the 00 Cyborgs. In the 2001 anime directed by Jun Kawagoe, it was originally a prototype warship called The Black Phantom created by Black Ghost to sell mass-produced replicas to clients for their war profiteering endeavors until it was commandeered by the Cyborg team and then repainted and rechristened The Dolphin.

Whatever the case may be, The Dolphin can travel on land, air and sea and takes the 00 Cyborgs wherever they may be needed around the world.


Dolphin in flight

The Dolphin in flight mode.

The Dolphin is equipped with a vast array of scientific instruments for detecting anomalies, including weather and energy sensory equipment and computers. In addition it houses the command bridge, a laboratory, a specialized sickbay for repairing or treating the Cyborgs, a fully stocked galley, a hangar for vehicles and is armed with torpedoes, missiles and gatling cannons for defense. Its engines are powered by a reactor with turbine/propeller hybrid propulsion system, allowing it to fly at sonic speeds in the air or maneuver in or under the sea.


Dolphin under attack

A shot of the Dolphin under attack

In one of the shots from the theatrical trailer of Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman, the Dolphin is under attack by grey winged creatures and tries to defend itself with its cannons while Jet tries to fend off the swarm by distracting some of them and taking out their numbers. The Dolphin is shown to have taken heavy damage, as one of its jet engines was on fire and its hull had several breaches and burn marks.

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