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Akira Fudo's army approaches the demonic forces of Satan, in 'Neo Devilman'

The Final Battle was a climactic battle between the Devilman Corps led by Akira Fudo and the demon army led by Satan, the fallen Angel, taking place over the arid plain that was once China. The war took place at the climax of the original 'Devilman' manga's storyline, and has been referenced in later sequels and interquels.


With the death of Miki Makimura, heartbroken Akira Fudo dropped his goals to defend humanity, protecting the Devilman race only going fourth. 20 years later the human race had gone all but extinct and all the surviving Devilmen gathered in what was once China and a commune began to grow.

Eventually the force grew so big and Satan was begrudgingly brought into a war. The two forces gathered over China on a bright morning, and fought. Lands fell away, tidal waves crashed and volcanoes blew day after day till all that remained of the human earth fell away. Fudo died, Satan wept, and though there were scant few survivors, the world was eventually reset, either by God or Satan themself.