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The Great War of the Gods is the first chapter in specific editions of Devilman, being included only in later publications of the manga due to being additional content.


During the late Cretaceous era, a flock of Angels fly down from the sky. For a few moments there is peace, quickly interrupted by a surprise attack from a swarm of demons that begin the slaughter the unprepared angels. Eventually they flee into the sky and fuse together, calling fourth their lord God. They begin wiping out the demons with heavenly blasts, leaving massive craters in the earth. Shortly after a colossal shuttle-like demon piloted by Satan squares off against God. 

Fast forward a few million years and a trio of Japanese explorers are trudging through caves in the Himalayas, when the ice begins to crack and demons begin pouring out.



  • A demon resembling the TV series demon Gondoroma makes a very brief appearance on a single page.
  • The explorers at the end are possibly the parents of Akira Fudo, its left unstated in the manga with them simply being away on a work trip, though in the 90's OVA and novels they are confirmed to be Akira's parents, even sharing the same visual deign.