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Y nabarone

The Flying Fortress Nabarone was the main transport of Dr. Hell and Baron Ashura in the crossover film Devilman VS Mazinger Z.


The Navalon was a gigantic Flying Fortress, it had large wings on the side a large bridge in the middle and a small pilot cockpit that doubled as an escape pod.

Abilities and Equipment[]

It could shoot a fire of different lasers from its cannons and had a supersized cargo which contained the three Mechanical Beasts Mantes K9, Head-Hawk M3 and the Sukararudo B7.


177 Navalon

It was used by Dr. Hell to transport his Mechanical Beasts around the skies. When Sirene escapes from a battle between The Mazinger, Aphrodite A and some Mechanical Beasts, he follows Sirene to the Himilayas were he releases the demons Zannin and Bugo from the ice. It is destroyed by Mazinger Z during the final battle were it crashes into the ocean with Dr. Hell inside. Luckily for him however he used a escape pod and was picked up by Baron Ashura.