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The Plauge of Destruction is the fifth chapter of the manga Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman by Yu Kinutani. It was published in the magazineKodashana in December 1999.


The chapter begins in the remnants of the Vatican where the Vatican Commander now insane sets of a massive barrage of missiles at the Atlantic Ocean where Amon was battleing with the Demon Lord Zennon.

Over with Zennon and Amon, Zennon asks him why Amon was causing so much destruction when they had won, also saying that Amon was a parasite, to which Amon replies saying that if Zennon where to interfere he would die, at the same time the missiles fired by the commander strike completely wipe out the ocean but leave the two demons unscratched. Revealing the city of Atlantis far below. The two demons then engage in a lengthy battle

Far away the battle was being watched by Mico, Meriken-Jo and theBonds of Hinduism each giving commentaries on the fight.

Eventually Amon destroys the left head of Zennon much to his shock, Zennon responds by entrapping him in what he called a sub-space prison, however it proves to be ineffective against Amon who flies into the mouth of Zennon's chest face, after searching around for a while he comes across a great white light eventually leading to Satan.


  • Amon: After killing Dosu-Roku he comes into battle with Zennon, however during the fight he discovers the location of Satan.
  • Zennon: The Demon Lord and second in command of Satan's armies, he was acting as a temporary home for his master.
  • The Vatican Commander: Now insane after losing everything he held dear, he launches an unending supply of missiles onto the two battling demons.
  • Satan: The Angel responsible for placeing Amon in the Human Fudo's body.
  • Mikiko Kawamoto (Mico): A young female Devilman she watches the battle of Amon and Zennon.
  • Meriken-Jo: Dosu-Roku's best friend, he watches the battle between Amon and Zennon.
  • The Bonds of Hinduism: A group of Devilman Telepaths, they watch the battle between Amon and Zennon.