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The Wicked Abil is the tenth chapter of Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga.


After many failures, demon king Zennon called fourth upon the sculptor Zool to kill the one Devilman loved most, Miki Makimura. To do that Zool requested a picture of Miki so he would have something to build from (Zool's ability was to create puppets of humans that would die when he crushed them), upon hearing this Zennon called upon Abil to acquire a picture for Zool to work from.

Abil travels to Fudo's school where he steal a drawing made of Miki by pretentious art student Himura, Devilman tries to chase Abil down, but the demon proves to be far to fast and flees back to his home. Abil gives the painting to Zool who begins on his sculpture, after finishing it he begins to torture the model, hurting the real Miki in the process, however Abil forbids him from going any further, planning to destroy the doll in front of Devilman in order to break his will. In frustration Zool begins smashing other models.

When Akira hears of the bizarre killings he realises it to be the work of Zool and twigs as to why Abil stole the picture. Transforming, he rushes over to Zool's icy cave. Seeing him on his way, Abil order Zool to get the doll ready as he goes to confront Devilman. However the scatterbrained demon managed to loose his model amidst his belongings. As Abil fights Devilman, Zool searches for it, however, in spite of Abil being a very strong threat he is killed. Zool tries to flee but is caught by Devilman who slaughters the demon in blind fury. Before leaving Devilman destroys all of Zool's dolls, ensuring they would never be used for evil again.



  • Zool's death is an exact copy of the death of Daruni from the first episode of the Devilman anime, Daruni was a similarly grotesque demon to Zool in appearance.
  • Himura makes a brief appearance in this chapter but is seen only as a human in this iteration, ignoring the demon aspects.