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The Wicked Aurora was the thirteenth chapter of the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


The story begins with a pretty young blonde find herself trapped by three thugs in a construction site. As they approach however, the woman shows her true colours and tears them apart, revealing herself to be the demon Aurora.

She makes her way to the Makimura home and begins causing it, planning on kidnapping the human girl Miki Makimura. She waits till the school day is over before approaching Miki and beginning to hypnotise her. Akira comes past and spies Aurora looming over Miki and disturbs them. Angrily Aurora grabs Miki and flees with her.

Akira makes chase on his bike and is surprised by her speed. They end up at a construction yard and square off. Aurora drops the unconscious Miki from a tower and Akira grabs her, when he turns round however Aurora was gone. Suddenly he was attacked by her light attacks and blinded. Though Akira quickly recovered and made short work of her, killing her with Devil Eyes.

However after picking up Miki, Akira begins to remember the devils he had battled with including Sirene, Vetra, Kentos, Zool, Ebain, Abil, Gondoroma, Jacon, Jewel and Lafleur. He considers giving up, having tired of the endless fight, though he looks down at Miki and decides to keep on pushing to the very end.