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The Wicked Bela was the twelfth chapter of Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga.


Late one night a young female office clerk rushes home on the empty dark streets when she suddenly finds herself unable to move. Suddenly the necro-fetishist Bela forces her spirit into the womans body, killing the host as she does so.

The next morning Akira and Miki walk the busy Tokyo streets when a sniper high above on one of the many towering buildings begins fireing down upon the crowd. As the two hide in an alleyway, safe from the hail of bullets, Akira see's a biker get shot down as he drives. He grabs the motorcycle and chases Bela who he see's fleeing from her hiding place. 

The chase leads to a construction site where Akira grabs her gun and begins shooting her with it. She transforms into her true form and the two begin to fight. Bela summons a mass of dark clouds and flies up into them, Akira transforms and follows her into them but looses her. However he suddenly has his hands trapped by giant versions of Bela's breast faces as he is informed the entire cloud is Bela's body. To escape he grew to a colossal size before swinging her around and tossing her. To finish her off her off he called upon Devil Beam and kills her. Her corpse flies down to the ground where it ignites in flames. 

Akira picks up Miki on the bike, and vows to protect her no matter what.



  • Bela's design here is based on her original conceptual drawings, while not used for the anime equivalent it was re-purposed for the demon Naza in the manga.