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The Wicked Dremoon is the final chapter of Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga.


Tired from countless defeats at the hands of Devilman, Demon King Zennon calls upon his greatest warrior, Dremoon, and orders him to destroy the human world.

Using his gravitational powers, Dremoon begins on the coasts of Japan, and begins to flood cities and villages, killing thousands. At home, Akira Fudo see's the damage reports on television and quickly deduces that it was Dremoon. Worried he would never return, he says goodbye to his beloved Miki as she sleeps and leaves to fight the moon demon.

Dremoon and Devilman square off, but Akira is quickly overpowered by the demons tricks and abilities. Caught in a torrent of strong water, he escapes and uses the Devil Spin Drill, and plows into Dremoon, hitting him in the chest and tearing the demon apart. Moments after, Zennon comes fourth and roars fury at Devilman. But Akira ignores it, as he vows to protect the human world from demon invasion till the very end.