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The Wicked Ebain is the second chapter in the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


The story begins with the demoness Ebain stealing the arms of several highly skilled humans including a boxer, marksman and race car driver, before departing each time by teleporting through a mirror.

After seeing her skills in action, Zennon summoned Ebain and tasked her with killing Devilman, much to her delight. Before she left, Zennon gifted her with a key to the hellish World of Mirrors

Ebain pulls Akira into the limbo and the two begin battle. Ebain smothers him with her collection of arms, but they prove to be of little danger allowing for Akira to snap of Ebain's horn. He picks it up and tosses it at Ebain, stabbing through her chest and killing her. 

Afterwards, Akira is returned home, as if nothing had happened.