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The Wicked Gondoroma was the sixth chapter of the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta


The story begins with King Zennon summoning the brain-wave devil Gondoroma from his home in the ocean. Zennon tasks Gondoroma with the job of reawakening Devilman from Akira Fudo's body.

Travelling to Japan, Gondoroma infects a swarm of birds to cause chaos in the streets. Many people are killed by the feathered fiends, causing Gondoroma to gloat. He then travels to the Makimura home and infects a mouse that Tare had adopted. At night the mouse tries to kill Tare, but Akira hears the screams and rushes in, he grabs the rodent and breaks its neck.

Akira senses Gondoroma's presence in the house and chases him outside where the two confront one another, before the demon flees into the night. The next morning, Gondoroma returns with a large pack of rabid dogs under his control. He send them out to savage the people in the streets, prompting Akira to attack. He easily dispatches the dogs and tackles Gondoroma, the brain-wave demon tries his hypnotic powers on Fudo, but is only beaten to the ground before Akira unleashes the Devil Typhoon, tearing the demon to pieces.