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The Wicked Jacon was the eleventh chapter of the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


Late one foggy night a man is driving along a bridge when a disturbing headless figure appears out of nowhere and tears off the mans head, after doing so the cats head of Jacon pops out from the empty neck and feeds on the mans soul. Afterwards Jacon is given a summoning to see Lord Zennon. Jacon, now fully formed as a small cat, runs to a waterfall where a image of Zennon appears and orders Jacon to steal the soul of Devilman.

With that Jacon paws off and makes her way to Akira's school where she swallows the souls of all Akira's classmates. Shortly after Akira and Miki Makimura arrive at school but are surprised to find it so empty. After getting to the main building they are set upon by their fellow students, all under Jacon's control. Akira tells Miki to hide on the roof as he tries to find the cause of the problem. Spying Jacon at the far end of the class, he transforms into Devilman and punches the demon through the window.

Outside and wounded, Jacon transforms into her true form, a large grotesque feline with horns, and challenges Devilman to a fight. Her lightning fast speed proves to make her a tough opponent, but he eventually gets a fix on her and slices her in two with Devil Shot. Afterwards, all of her stolen souls returned to their initial bodies. With the day saved, Akira went to the roof to retrieve Miki and start their day at school.