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The Wicked Jewel was the fifth chapter of the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


The story begins with the shining demon Jewel hunting down and killing a fake Devilman, afterwards he is summoned by Zennon who congratulates him before granting him the task of killing Devilman. That same night Akira has a premonition of being killed by Jewel, he begins to panic just as Akira has trouble sensing Jewel, but traces a faint signal to a nearby set of woods where the two begin to fight. Jewel's defences prove far to strong however and Devilman takes a brutal beating. As Jewel prepares for a final blow however, Devilman spots a weak point in his eyes, and extends his antenna, stabbing into Jewel's eyes before electrocuting the demon with Devil Shock, ending the gemstone devil.