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The Wicked Kentos is the seventh chapter of Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga.


Late at night the fiendish demon Kentos glides across the moonlight sky, letting his feather fly from his wings, which turn into necklaces upon hitting the ground. 

In the morning many passers by find these necklaces and put them on, upon doing so however they immediately find heads teleported to a hellish limbo dominated by Kentos who begins violently killing his sea of victims.

Among those afflicted was Tare Makimura, upon seeing this Akira Fudo goes out and sees multiple bodies wandering the streets, now headless. He picks up several necklaces and returns home where he ties them together into a large enough loop for his whole body to fit through before popping through and challenging Kentos.

The two fight, with Kentos showing off an array of deadly powers, however Devilman eventually gets the upper hand and kills Kentos with the Devil Beam.

Afterwards, all who survived Kentos attack returned to their bodies, relived Akira goes to check on Tare, who hugs him in thanks.



  • Tare mentions his girlfreind Miyo, who while never appearing in the manga bar the single name drop, is a supporting character in the second half of the origonal anime series.