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The Wicked Lafleur was the fourth chapter of the Mitsuru Hiruta Devilman manga.


The tale begins with the plant demoness Lafleur rising from the ground and derailing a train before moving to a highway and causing chaos there. 

As she committed carnage on the roads, Akira Fudo was out walking with his brother Tare and he spotted Lafleur dashing into the sewers as she fled. Akira follows and confronts her, but quickly looses her. On his way out he accidentally injures Tare, giving him a minor concussion. Akira quickly rushes Tare to hospital, vowing revenge.

The next day Lafleur confronts Akira in the guise of a pretty young human girl, she mocks him about hurting Tare, causing him to hit her. Angered she transforms and grabs Akria in her vines. He uses this to his advantage however and sets Lafleur alight with Devil Fire, killing her.

Later that night, Akira meets Tare outside his home having mostly recovered. The two share a joke and head inside.