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The Wicked Sirene is the first chapter of the Devilman manga by Mitsuru Hiruta.


After a brief tussle with some thugs, Akira Fudo comes across a strange being encased in ice on the sea shore. The creature breaks free from the ice and reveals itself as Devilman before killing Fudo and trying to possess his body. Fudo's will prooves to strong however and he asserts dominance over Devilman, gaining his form and abilities in the process.

Akira returns home and is horrified at what has happened to him, meanwhile demon king Zennon calls fourth upon Sirene to lend her assistance to Devilman. She arrives in Japan and kidnaps Miki Makimura hoping to use her as her host body. Akira arrives on scene and stops her, announcing that he had subdued Devilman's body, much to her shock.

A fight breaks out between the two, both growing to a giant size before Devilman uses the Devil Beam and sets Sirene alight, she burns up quickly before her ashes fly away with the wind.

Afterwards Zennon vows revenge on Devilman, as Akira himself vows to protect Miki and humanity no matter the cost.



  • Interestingly this version of Devilman combines both the origins of the anime and original manga versions, with Akira taking dominance over the invading entity.