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The Wicked Vetra was the ninth chapter of Mitsuru Hiruta's Devilman manga.


Late at night a workman is making his way home slovenly when a great devil set upon him. The demon spews out a web, cocooning the man and killing him. Afterwards the demon, Vetra, calls fourth a legion of mind controlling spiders which feast on the corpse and spread themselves around Tokyo in order to possess people. 

The next day, one of the spiders possess Tare as he walks home from school. When Akira finds him the spider controlled Tare launches himself at him, but the demon is quickly beaten out of him. Later that night, Akira ponders what caused Tare to attack when he see's Miki wandering through the garden and into the streets. He follows, however Miki is revealed to be under Vetra's control, and quickly attacks Fudo. The battle leads into the city where the possessed Miki manages to wrap Akira up in a sticky web. On the road below Vetra reveals himself to Akira and gloats over an easy victory. Akira escapes however and transforms into Devilman releasing a light electrical attack as he does so, freeing Miki and burning away her clothes. Seeing his plan gone to ruin, Vetra quickly flies up and grabs Miki, before challenging Akira to a battle on Mt. Tanigawa and fleeing.

Later in the caverns of Tanigawa, Vetra is berated by his commander Zannin, who orders Vetra to finish Devilman or he would kill Vetra personally. 

Akira arrives on his motorbike and spies Miki lying nude atop a cliff, Vetra confronts him and after transforming they fight. The manta-ray demon puts up a decent fight but is melted by Akira's Devil Eyes, burning into steam as he dissolves into the ground. 

Afterwards Akira climbs to where Miki was lying and gives her his shirt before the two leave. At the same time, Zannin smashes up some rocks as he vows revenge against Devilman.



  • Despite the build up for Zannin in the story, he never makes another appearance in the series and never even met Devilman.