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The Thin Ostrich Gang Member was a cruel delinquent that was a member of the Ostrich Gang, along with Mico, Gusuko and her fat friend. She serves a small role in the original 'Devilman' manga.


She was a tall skinny girl with messy short hair and a triangular shaped face. She had squinting eyes and long thin eyebrows.


She was a rude and downright cruel girl, and would abuse Mico's kindness to get her to commit small crimes for her and the other gang members. When talked back to, she threatened Mico with physical violence.


We first see her standing nearby Mico's home late one night with the others as they wait on Mico to walk past. When she does, the thin girl tries to pressure the girl into helping them break into somebodies home, saying she was a great thief. Mico flees from them to the safety of her home, the girls try to give chase but ultimately loose her.

The next morning after Gusuko had been arrested for the break in, the thin girl and her squat friend assault Mico in the road on her way to school, after she insulted them, the two girls respond violently and throw her against a wall before tearing off her clothes, hoping to shame the girl, only to jump in fear and revolution upon seeing the freakish creature attached to Mico's chest. In an absolute frenzy, Mico spews acid from her body that melts the two girls and kills them.


  • Like her classmates, she appears in a chapter of The Abashiri Family where they are again a bullying gang. She ends up dying at the hands of Naojiro Abashiri, getting squashed in a single slap of his hands.